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Connect Poker

A simple, yet highly polished
match poker / puzzle game.
connect poker

To play, connect two to five cards to make a poker hand.

Connect Poker was born the old-fashioned way, by playing the game with a deck of cards. But what resulted was something more than a simple variation of Poker. The dynamic puzzle algorithms constantly challenge the user and keep them coming back. With the addition of power-ups, interactive elements in Arcade mode and social integration, Connect Poker began as a card game and morphed into a highly addictive experience.


Innovative and challenging word puzzles.
Hours of amusement to challenge your
puzzle-solving skills.

Over 400 Vanity License Plates to Solve

Bumperrific offers drivers, passengers, armchair travelers, and puzzle enthusiasts ample opportunities to sharpen their word skills while having fun at the same time. To win Bumperrific you must complete 3 rounds and 1 bonus round. The faster you solve plates the more money you'll win.

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